End of April update . . .

  • Last month I reported that the architects, Pentan, had taken on board the feedback that we gave them and had made a number of changes that we think are major improvements.  Whilst we are still awaiting the final 3D pictures, which should now be available in time to display at the May Fayre (in conjunction with the MAGOR group), we do have a better picture of the front and rear elevations and a more detailed image of the floor plan.  So, come along to the May Fayre (on the 7th May from 1pm).  Look for the MAGOR (Magor Action Group on Rail) stall and hopefully get sight of the plans, which will be submitted into Monmouthshire County Council’s planning process within a couple of months.

  • At our monthly meeting this month, at Innovation House, it was good to see a number of new faces of residents who are volunteering to get actively involved with the project – either in its development or the operation of it once it is commissioned.  We now have around 8 new ‘active supporters’.  As well as discussing the designs of the hub, we talked about the overall timescale of the project (the project plan for 2018/19 will be updated shortly), how we might formally constitute the group in the future and how we can raise funds for the fit-out of the hall.  You can read the notes of the 17th April meeting here.


The next meeting is to be held on – Tuesday 12th June, 5.45pm, Innovation House

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