As we spring into the new year with hope . . .

In my last posting, ‘The End of Year Round up’, I reflected on the progress being made with The Hub project, despite the constraints being placed on us by the pandemic.

As we look forward to Spring and the new financial year, we are pushing on with the Ancient Orchard renovation on the Three Fields Site, by planting replacement trees, labelling them and doing some early pruning of the established ones. There are also some new features planned but more on those in a future post. Why not have a wander around the Orchard to take a look and perhaps grab an excellent coffee from The Little Brew kiosk on the car park?

The committee, who are now also trustees of the Memorial Hall on Dinch Hill Lane, are in the process of managing some repairs and improvements to the building, ready for re-opening as soon as possible after the COVID restrictions have been eased.

Of course, the big question is, ‘When will the Hub be built’?  Well, we are in regular communication with our funding officer at the Big Lottery and MCC are in on-going communications with Welsh Government concerning the bid to the Economic Stimulus Fund. The feeling is that there is an increasing confidence that 2021/22 will be the year that will see the building of The Hub commence.  We live in hope!


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