End of November update . . . .

This month the MUCH group has been making progress on the following –

  • The new ‘Constitution’, which will define the MUCH Group’s purpose and the way it operates, is nearing completion.  As soon as it is finalised a copy will be placed in the ‘Documents’ section of the website
  • A number of group members have attended training courses in preparation for developing and running the community Hub.  The courses, such as Health and Safety, Social Media training and a ‘surgery’ on Lottery Application preparation, have been provided free to community volunteers by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC).  Feedback from those who attended has been very positive.
  • An ‘Ideas Bank’ initiative is now starting to take shape.  Any ideas on what is thought would be good for the Hub, big or small, are captured for discussion, approval, prioritisation and allocation to individuals to progress. It’s still in early stages but you can see the latest version here.
  • Cllrs. Lisa Dymock and Frances Taylor are making progress on drawing young people into say what they would like to be available at the Hub for them. They held a local drop-in session where about a dozen youngsters gave their opinions. Lisa is working on collating the themes.  The form used to capture thoughts at that event is visible here.  If you are a young person, take a look at the form and just email your views to magorandundyhub@gmail.com.
  • Finally, we are planning to have a stall at the Frost Fayre, probably next to the MAGOR station Group’s stall, where we will display the latest plans and diagrams of the Hub and be available to chat about your thoughts and ideas on the subject. Hope to see you there!