A bit more news – April update . . .

I mentioned last month that Sian and Jo were making good progress on the application to for MUCH to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (a charity).  I can now report that, due to their good work, the application has now been submitted and acknowledged (although it could be a few months before we know if we have been successful or not).

Once we have charitable status, we can apply to the Big Lottery for a grant to help fill the funding gap between the Section 106 money from the Rockfield Farm development (which has now been transferred from the developer to MCC) and the total cost of the Hub build.

Our meeting with Paul Mathews (CEO of Monmouthshire County Council), last month, went very well. Paul assured us that he would be able to obtain the necessary approvals to give MUCH the necessary ‘security of tenure’ of the Three Fields Site, and a validated cost for the build of the Hub  (the loose ends I mentioned last month) within 5 or 6 weeks.  These assurances are needed for the Charity Status and the lottery application.

The group have been getting ready for the May Fayre stall (in conjunction with the MAGOR group) and Sally Raggett has been leading on the planning of a ‘Duck Race’ and ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ publicity and engagement event on the Three Fields Site, in the summer. More on that next month.

Hope to see you at the May Fayre on the afternoon of the 6th!