Quick update

‘All being well’ was a phrase that tempted fate back in July!

The car park was closed off on the 29th of August in readiness for the contractors to establish their works compound and commence the build in September. Unfortunately, as the slowworms have been a little less than cooperative in their ‘translocation’, the build start day was postponed. However, since then, progress has been made and by all accounts, most of the very slow, slow worms have now been captured and moved and that a new start date of 10th October (now confirmed by the contractor, Kier) is planned. Watch this space!!

Last time, I said that MUCH trustees and volunteers were starting the process of developing and implementing an ‘operational plan’ so that we are up and ready to run in about a year’s time.  Mike Burke, who is leading this sub-group, has held his first meeting at the Golden Lion, Magor. The volunteers were supportive of his strategy and are keen to progress with the plan. We are always looking for more helpers, so if you feel you have skills that could help with this, and would like to get involved as a volunteer, please contact me on 07484 643454.

Many thanks. Paul

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