Quick end of July update . . .

Hope you are all having a good holiday!

Unfortunately, we have recently been informed by the Charity Commission that our application has been further delayed and we may not get a response until September / October.  At that point they may ask for further clarification on the content of the application.  The upside of this delay means that we can focus on completing our business plan and further research sources of additional funding.

As part of the development of the business plan and seeking additional funding from charitable sources we will seek to confirm from the community that The Hub will meet the as many of the facility requirements as possible.  To this end, we will run another whole community survey to be sure that what we state in our business plan is up to date and meets the needs of our residents.

Finally, as an example of our on-going community involvement, we have agreed with the Magor Scouting Group to create a plan for them to help maintain the ‘Ancient Orchard’ on the Three Field Site. We thank the Living Levels, in advance, for their help and commitment to training and supporting the Scouts in this endeavour.  Although the Scouts have volunteered for this, it is open for anyone to get involved with this training.  If you would like to know more, please contact us via our email address magorandundyhub@gmail.com.

Paul & Kev