A brief update before May’s out (the month not the P.M.)

The Policies and Admin. work-group have been progressing the development of various policies so that they are in place and ready to use when the Hub is opened.  One such policy is the ‘Safeguarding’ policy, necessary to ensure that the safety of vulnerable people and children is given full attention when they use the centre. GAVO and the Wales Council for Voluntary Action (WCVA) have been very helpful with this

A number of the group, over recent months, have attended courses run by MCC within its ‘BE’ programme.  The courses have been very good and it has been pleasing to note that feedback is always sought so that the training and tool-kits for ‘volunteer communities’ are constantly developed and improved to meet the volunteers’ needs.  One of the courses, ‘Inspiring and Leading People’ asked us a question, ‘How do you get the message of what your project is all about to the people who need to know’? Of course, mission statements, strap-lines, objectives all have their place but sometimes a picture can tell you a lot more.  Click on the image above to see if it tells you what the purpose of ‘The HUB’ is.  Let us know what you think.

Finally, the group, with Sally Raggett leading, have been preparing for the ‘Duck Race’, being run later in the summer. Details can be found by clicking on the yellow image below. You can get your ducks, in advance, from the Magor Post Office.