This page provides a link to the current planning vision.

Our original project plan (October 2016) showed a ‘best ‘guestimate’ timeframe and a project approach that has since been updated (see below).  It was based on a real example in our neighbouring Forest of Dean council area that resulted in the construction of Hartpury Village Hall.  The site that it is built on is very similar to the “Three Fields Site” and so we were thinking ‘why try and re-invent’ the wheel?’  That said, it was only an idea at that stage, we have since seen other examples and were keen to get views and opinions.

Update (18/07/17) – 

The milestone plan, as shown in the document (link above), has been revised , as we are now working in partnership with Monmouthshire County Council (MCC), who have provided both manpower resources (Mike Moran, Ben Thorpe and others, who attend our regular meetings and are also working behind the scenes).  MCC has also allocated £73k to the project to start some initial architectural assessment to identify options and limitations relevant to the ‘Three Field Site’.  The revised (2nd) draft plan, which we believe is now realistic in terms of delivery, will be subject to further review when we have an architect appointed.  The Terms of Reference for the MUCH Project, agreed in April, can be viewed here.

Update (September 2019)

Progress has been much slower than hoped. Nevertheless, substantial progress has been made over the last 2 years.  The 3rd revision of the plan shows an aim of opening the Hub in December 2021 but is totally dependent on securing the balance of funding .


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