End of September update . . .

Following the approval of the building and site plans, the MUCH group has been focused on developing the requirements for running a Community Hub.  The four ‘working groups’ have been making good progress on the following –

  • Completing a constitution that will satisfy Charity Commission needs, MCC’s requirements for an asset transfer, a staff resourcing structure (mainly volunteers) and a process to ensure that the community hub delivers what the community needs

  • Working at improving communications and publicity (e.g. participating in the MAGOR event – click here).  Incidentally, we are still finding it a challenge to get young people representation on the group – can anyone help with this?

  • Delivering various training packages to our volunteers (e.g. Health and Safety)

  • Developing plans and identifying opportunities to resource the fitting-out and equipping of the Hub.

The notes of our September meeting can be viewed here.