A great time at the frost fayre and the prize winners were . . .

Thanks everyone for your engagement at the Frost Fayre and buying the raffle tickets for the-

    • adult prize of 2 bottles of wine, box of chocolates and £50 Golden Lion voucher

    • children’s prize of the giant teddy, sweets and £50 voucher for X-Box games. 

The winning tickets were drawn by a helpful young lad called Coby with the adult prize going to Jane, the mother of a couple living on Dancing Hill and the children’s prize going to Ben, who lives on Penny Farthing lane.  Congratulations!

People were pleased to see progress with the build, excited about its opening next year and the multi-use potential it has.  Many people took away a copy of ‘MUCH news’ (click here) which gives the latest developments and how people can get involved.