It’s the holiday season . . .

. . . so progress has been a little constrained but there are a few items to report –

  • Last week, Mike Burke and I (along with Ted Hand of the MAGOR group) met with officers of Monmouthshire County Council and county councillor Lisa Dymock.  We discussed the probabilities of the station and the community hub being built, their impact on traffic and parking in Magor and Undy and the need to plan accordingly.  The outcome of the meeting was that it was agreed they would both be included in the scope of B4245 study work being undertaken by Capita on behalf of MCC.
  • While we wait for our charity status to come through and the go-ahead to apply to the Lottery Fund, group members have been progressing a number of improvement possibilities to the Three Fields Site.
    • People have commented that the lighting on the car park and along the path to Sycamore Terrace is very poor so, working with MCC, there are now plans to address it.  More about that next month.
    • We are also applying to Great Western Railway community fund for a grant to implement a walking/ jogging / running path around the perimeter of the site. The track would also aid access to the proposed station
    • Further to the Scouts getting involved in maintaining the orchard (mentioned last month) we have since had a professional landscaper volunteer help as well.  So many thanks for that – the more volunteers we have the better!
  • Finally, I mentioned last month that we would be running another ‘needs survey’ to update the one run in 2016 and input to the ‘business plan’.  The survey should be in the next edition of The Villager so please fill it in and return it to us by any of the ways shown on the form.