And we are off . . .

The slow worms have moved out (25 of them) and the cabins and plant moved in.  Yes, building is now underway!

The ground for the building has been levelled, prepared and piling for the foundation has begun.  Kier, the contractors, have worked hard to keep residents aware of the work that is planned and the timetable.  Piling is inevitably noisy but is kept to daytime hours (we all remember the piling during the night when Network Rail were carrying out the electrification of the mainline) and managed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Jenny Jones, the site manager, is on site most days and would always welcome a chat with residents that would like more information.  Jenny’s picture captured the double rainbow over the site yesterday, which surely has to be a sign for good things to come.

While building has begun, Mike Burke (one of the MUCH trustees) has been leading the Building Fit-out group of volunteers in putting plans together for acquiring all of the equipment and services that need to be in place for opening next year.  As well as the more obvious tables and chairs, there is kitchen equipment, I.T. kit, specialised lighting and sound gear – the list goes on and the cost is not to be sneezed at.  We are off to a great start though.  A friend of Mike’s, Tom Lewis, of The Highmore Group has kindly donated a range of ‘almost new’ office and meeting room furniture – enough to equip the two meeting rooms and the office.  A few of the volunteers have collected it from Bristol and placed it in a Monmouthshire County Council storage facility, speedily arranged by Nick and Emily.  Thanks everyone!

On the subject of volunteers – we are still looking for a few more to help with the above.  If you would like to get involved and become one of the MUCH associates, please give me a call (07484 643454).

We are quite a sociable bunch and hold our planning meetings in the Golden Lion.