The tune of June . . .

As the ‘Covid lock-down’ starts to ease, activity within the MUCH project starts to rise again.

Last month I mentioned that work was progressing on tidying and improving the ancient orchard. It is intended to make more of a feature of it and keep it well maintained. We had some information about its history but asked if anyone had any more it would be welcomed.  Well, more details are coming to light that will certainly help to identify the different variety of apple trees and their locations.  If anyone has any more information or old photographs or maps of the site and would be willing to share or donate them, that would be wonderful!

As you know, Monmouthshire County Council have earmarked a substantial sum of money to build The Hub, which is sourced from the Rockfield Farm housing development, but there is also a significant balance to find. One option was to develop and submit a bid to the ‘Big Lottery’.  I am pleased to announce that, after some months of refining the ‘case’, an application has now been submitted.  MUCH group would like to thank Jo Gillard (GAVO Wales) for the help and advice she has given in putting the application together.  We now await the outcome of the bid, but it could be some time before we hear, as the Lottery Assessors are currently working on bids that will give short-term assistance to communities that need help to deal with the impact of COVID. 

So, that’s it for now.  Thank you for your continuing support.  More news next month!



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