Belated July update . . .

Apologies for the delayed report but this one was probably worth waiting for –

  • On the 7th August, Monmouthshire County Council’s Planning Committee approved the plans for the Community Hub facility.  This was a major milestone on the Group’s plan which now leads into the second phase – the preparation for the opening of the Hub, currently planned for summer 2020.  The discussion at the planning committee can be viewed here on YouTube – just go to 1 hour, 25 mins and 27 secs to see it from the start.

  • At our last monthly meeting (notes can be viewed here), we mainly discussed the future constitution, formation of ‘Work Groups’ and engagement with other groups.

  • One of the most important activities in the second phase, that I mentioned, will be the engagement with other groups – both existing and perhaps those that are just in people’s minds at this stage.  We need people to come forward as soon as possible and let us know if they think that they could make use of the Hub as a Group (e.g.s Fitness classes, Ballet / Dance classes,).  Alternatively, even if you just want to help with setting up or running the place, just email us

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