A quick end-of-June update . . .

  • It was good good to see Community Councillor Mike Boyland join the group this month.  We focused on the development of a ‘constitution’ for the terms of reference and operation of the Hub in the future. Donovan Taylor, in collaboration with Deserie Mansfield (MCC) is taking a lead on this. The group also discussed taking a ‘skills audit’ to see if we have enough experience between us to run such an enterprise (we are likely to need to seek out other volunteers!).  The plans, as mentioned last month, are on the MCC planning database and there are already a number of comments (largely supporting).  If you haven’t seen them yet, you can access them here.  Please add your views by clicking on the green, ‘COMMENT ON APPLICATION’ button at the top. The June meeting notes can be found on the ‘Meetings and Minutes‘ page or directly by clicking here

  • Next month’s update will be a little late but they should be ‘posted’ by the 2nd week of August. And, don’t forget you can always find out the latest on the Magor and Undy Walkway Station campaign from the Magorstation website

Enjoy the summer everyone!


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