Stage 2 update . . .

Last month I reported that we had been successful in achieving the Stage 1 part of the application  to the ‘People and Places’ lottery, and that we would immediately commence putting together ‘Stage 2’ (a more detailed explanation of the project).  Well, we started and it soon became clear that we needed additional help to explain how, if we were successful in gaining the grant that allows the building to start, the project would be managed and how, in detail, it would benefit our community.  Mike Moran, MCC’s Community Infrastructure Coordinator, identified people within MCC who could help with the various parts of the application. Subsequently, Paul Matthews (CEO MCC) gave his authority to provide the help needed. So now we can make progress and hope to complete the draft by the end of September!

The MUCH Committee, who are now also the Trustees of the Memorial Hall, have also been busy readying the hall for a restricted reopening soon.  Various social distancing and additional hygiene measures are being put in place, and risk assessments being carried out. At the current time only certain community groups and with restricted numbers, can use the facility.  But this is a welcome start and it is hoped that it will not be too long before other activities and events can be held.




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