October was about . . .

. . . receiving the great news, after many months, that the Magor and Undy Community Hub had been granted charity status as a Charitable Incorporates Organisation (CIO – 1185780 ).  This means that we are now in a position to apply for grants and to seek funding for the balance of the building costs, the fit-out, equipping of the hall and landscaping of the site.

. . . working with the Living Levels project to renovate the old orchard, on the Three Fields Site, to bring it back into a valued and appreciated community asset.  Having taken samples of the old trees away for DNA variety identification, the project asked if they could bring some students from Coleg Gwent along to pick and gather apples that would then be pressed for the juice. A number of sackfuls of apples were taken away for pressing – making good use of the fruit that would have otherwise have gone to waste.  The plan is to now clear the orchard of the brambles, map out the site (referencing and labelling all the trees), putting in a picnic bench table or two and then keeping it mowed.  If you would like to volunteer to get involved with this activity on and ongoing basis, please drop us a line.

. . .  also, getting the HUB sign erected on the entrance to the site,  contributing to the community council plans for the May 2020 V.E. day celebrations and finalising the Family Race Night event.

Finally, thank you to all who have returned the survey questionnaires that appeared in the recent Villager.  If you missed it, there is still time to get your returns in and there will probably soon be a second chance via an online survey being run by the community council.





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