Welcome 2019 . . .

Happy New Year Everyone!

In 2018, the MUCH group made great strides forward in bringing the long-awaited community centre (The Hub) to the residents of Magor and Undy.  If you look back through the previous ‘posts’ and meeting notes you will see what I mean, for example, gaining planning approval for the building in August.

In broad terms, our aims for 2019 are to establish the MUCH group as a charity that will be responsible for the operation of The Hub (7 of our members have now been nominated, met and agreed to become ‘Trustees’) and we will be working with MCC to find the balance of the build cost and towards commencing the build.

That all sounds straight forward, doesn’t it?  Well, there are still some considerable challenges ahead!  We will need all the support we can muster from our residents to see it through to completion.  On that note, it was great to see so many people come up to our stall at the Frost Fayre and particular thanks to those who gave their names to us as people who want to become actively involved.  I will be following up with them shortly.  We are still hopeful that the building will be completed by the summer of 2020.

I’ll return to the usual end-of-month summary from here on.



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