It’s been a long time coming . . .

So, we are on the last leg of the journey to establish the long-awaited Community Centre on the Three Fields Site!  This week, on the 4th of August, and subject to no last-minute snags, Kier will hand over the building to Monmouthshire County Council and MUCH. It’s a fantastic building that I’m sure the community of Magor and Undy will come to appreciate hugely.

The main hall.

In this last week, the WiFi will be made live, a printer/scanner/copier will be installed (that will be offered as a service to residents), and the trustees will be familiarised with the access and security systems.  Planning is also underway to show the remaining people, who are proposing running classes and groups, around the hall so that we can schedule slots that will maximise the use for everyone.

Later this month, a new website will be launched that will include a link to this one, as a reference to the history of ‘The Hub’.  The new website will also include a link to a booking system called ‘Hallmaster’ that will allow people to see the availability of and apply to hire any one of the rooms.  Also, this month, and before the official opening on 4th September, it is intended to have some periods when people will be able to call in for a look around.

Finally, following a round of interviews of extremely able candidates, I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs. Kari Davies as The Hub’s manager.  Kari will be known to many of you for running the popular Tennis Coaching at the MUGA for many years.  Kari is excited and looking forward to taking up this new challenge and we wish her well as I am sure you all will.

Thank you, yet again, community and particularly the volunteers for bringing this wonderful facility into being.


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