About Us

We are a group of local residents who have set up a ‘company limited by guarantee’.  We aim to take custodianship of the Three Field Site on behalf of the community and develop it along the lines that MUSLA and MwUCC tried hard to do over a number of years but for various reasons failed to deliver as they hoped.  We will build on what they did achieve but are taking a different approach; one that we believe will lead to success in quite a short period of time.

So what will be different?

  • Firstly, views of all residents was sought and from the 777 returns we know what the majority of people want to see in broad terms and what they would like to see specifically.  There were quite disparate views from “don’t do anything” to “a swimming pool please” but there were definitely clear themes and ideas repeated time and time again.  You can see a summary of the findings by clicking here.
  • Secondly, we will run the development as a project, properly managed by a team of directors (drawn from and representative of the community) with risks and issues being managed and highlighted. We will also be continually looking for ‘non-executive’ members to join the Trust who feel they can help shape the delivery. The project will be reported regularly to the community, both by this website and by other methods (such as The Villager, Facebook and Twitter).  We will need to continually seek feedback to ensure we are delivering in line with the community’s requirements.
  • Finally, we hope not to over-rely on lottery funding, as was the case in the past but to look nearer to home for the funding.  Our aim is aim to work closely with Monmouthshire County Council, hopefully with the support of the community council, to try and secure the balance of the Section 106′ money associated with the Kingfisher rise development and to secure a significant portion of the monies associated with the forth-coming Rockfield Farm Development

So who are the directors?

  • Paul Turner – MAGOR Group (acting as secretary)
  • Rob Ollerton – Chair of Magor Churchmen
  • Cllr. Sally Raggett – Chair of Magor Amateur Dramatics (not representing Magor with Undy Community Council)
  • Kevin Wright – Local Resident

We hope to have 1 or 2 more directors (local residents who are keen to see this project deliver) join the team in the near future but the door is open to anyone who wants to help!

And what is the directors’ role?  In simple terms –

It’s all about ensuring good governance around the ‘company’ and perhaps, more importantly, in our situation, the running of the Three Field Site Project. We would do that by ‘acting in good faith’ and ‘promoting the success of the company’ considering –

~ consequences of decisions (short and long term)

~ interests of any employees (or people contracted)

~ relationships with suppliers, customers and others

~ impacts on the community and environment

~ acting fairly

The directors receive no financial reward and work to the criteria submitted to companies house in ‘The Memorandum and Articles of Association